Wednesday, 17 November 2010


So I've finally finished uni. It's such a strange time and I have such mixed feelings. Part of me is glad it's all over and another part of me is sad - like I didn't make the most of it. This is what I've been working to for the part three years - a little BA to put at the end of my name. I did a Bachelor of Arts, with a double major in linguistics and art history. Above all, I'm looking forward to having time to just do whatever I feel like, without feeling guilty.

These are the things I'm most looking forward to:

Of course, doing a Bachelor of Arts, I've spent a huge part of the last three years reading. I often felt like it was impossible to keep up to date with all the weekly readings. When I did read books for my own pleasure, I usually felt guilty, like I should be doing my recomended readings instead. As a result, I haven't read nearly as much as I would have liked to over the past few years. I have a huge list of classics that i can't wait to get into!

So I've been vegan for quite some time now. I'm really lucky to have a family who supports me in my choices. Everyone is always happy to make a special vegan alternative for me. But as a result of this, I haven't done nearly as much cooking as I should have. I get home from uni/work late and someone has usually already made dinner. But now that i have more time on my hands, I'm really looking forward to having time to improve my cooking skills, both savoury meals and yummy cakes and desserts!

I loveee to draw. I find it so relaxing and rewarding. I draw a bit, but not nearly as much as I’d like to. I’m really hoping to improve my painting skills as well.

I’ve decided that I am really going to commit to this blog. I really like the idea of having a little online journal and I really want to keep writing. What I write may not be of the best quality, and it may not be read by anyone, but I think it is so important to keep writing.